Smetiusstraat 13

6511 ER Nijmegen

+31 (0)24 32 244 52

House rules

1. To visit our shop, you must be at least 18-years-old.
2. If requested, customers must always show an ID.
3. Only these types of ID are valid: passport, identity card, drivers licence.
4. Posses or use of hard drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden.
5. Posses or dealing in stolen goods is strictly forbidden.
6. According to the law, it is not allowed to buy more then 5 grams soft drugs per day.
7. Only soft drugs from our own shop is allowed to be used in ‘t Nijmeegs Wonder.
8. When visiting our shop, a consumption is required.
9. Aggression and discrimination are never tolerated. If you cross the line, you are not welcome anymore.
10. Telephone conversations are not allowed in our shop.
11. Pets are not allowed in our shop.
12. We don’t serve error parkers (cars, scooters and bicycles).
13. When causing trouble in or around our shop, we will check on things with several resources.

After an observation, we will report it at the police. The city council of Nijmegen has its own drugs policy. If there any questions about it, please check their website.